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Dodow Sleep Aid Device: Low Cost 2.5x Fast Effective Sleep Solution

Want To Fall Asleep 2.5X Faster? Read the Dodow Sleep Aid Device Reviews & Buy Now.

The New Adv. Light Metronome Technology Helps You Sleep Faster and Better!

dodow sleep aid device
Dodow customer reviews
Dodow customer reviews
dodow sleep aid device


✅ Restores your brain’s natural ability to sleep – eventually, you won’t even need Dodow anymore!!

✅ The mesmerizing light helps your busy mind quiet down and sleep 2.5x faster.

✅ Lightweight, Easy To use with a long battery life.

✅ Save huge on $, Easy and convenient to use, with no side effects or pills!.

✅ Just a one-time purchase equals a lifetime of better sleep.

✅ Guided breathing cues will lull your body and mind to sleep quickly.

✅ Loved and Trusted by more than 850,000 users and inspired by 13,000 studies.

✅ 100% Original; Premium Quality; 100 day Money Back Guarantee, Best Choice for sleeping solution.

Sleep Aid Device – More Than 1 Million Users are Falling Asleep Faster with Dodow!



Dodow Sleep Aid Device Introduction:

Dodow is an all-natural alternative to medication for those who struggle to fall asleep – and stay asleep – on a regular basis. This simple solution is non-addictive, and can be used with zero side effects.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device is the Low Cost 2.5x Fast Effective Sleep Solution.

Dodow’s Light Metronome is a new technological breakthrough that is scientifically designed to block out your overactive thought patterns and rock you into a deep and blissful sleep fast 2.5x avoiding the long, frustrating, toss overs and sleepless nights.

Dodow is a little bedside, plug-in device that will let you get the full-nights rest you need without the use of supplements or drugs (which are harmful/addictive). Dodow helps to make sure you are awake and fresh thoughout the day and not falling asleep at work or wandering around in a Zombie-like haze.

You put Dodow on your night stand and it projects a soft blue light-metronome onto your ceiling. You then focus on and breathe along with the light as it fades in and out.

Sounds crazy, I know. A little blue light does what? But the results are undeniable – I assure you.

Dodow sleep aid device is simple but powerful – exactly how technology should be.



How Dodow works & uniquely different from others?

Millions of people have trouble sleeping because their minds always on a race.

Under stress, the body produces more adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, which increase energy and alertness while also raising heart rate and blood pressure.

This is what makes you feel “wired and exhausted.”

Dodow helps you naturally calm your racing thoughts and prepare your body for rest, unlike sleep medicines that drive the brain to sleep artificially.

Dodow sleep aid device employs a gentle blue light to keep your busy mind focused and in a state of mindfulness.

Breathing with this light has a peaceful, hypnotic effect, comparable to watching a pendulum, that allows your mind to relax and fall asleep much more easily.
Long exhales and directed breathing release CO2 into your system, making you sleepy.

Unlike other most known sleep treatments, Dodow:

  • Actually RETRAINS your brain to learn how to fall asleep on its own.
  • Light based sleep aid vs. other ‘alternative’ sleep aid devices that typically use sound therapy.
  • All Natural – nothing to ingest.
  • Aligns with todays societal movement towards homeopathic remedies.
  • Dodow improves the quality of your sleep, so you can wake up feeling like you’re intended to instead of sluggish.
  • Dodow is safe to take every night — it has no adverse effects and no addictive properties.
  • If your partner’s eyes are closed, Dodow is quiet and the light isn’t bright enough to disturb your partner.
  • Dodow is suitable for the whole family, from the age of 6.
  • Proven to help you fall asleep 2.5x faster!
  • Loved and Trusted by more than 850,000 users.
  • Dodow, an innovation inspired by 13,000 studies on cardiac coherence

Dodow Sleep Technology vs. Old Alternative Sleep Aids

Dodow Vs

Now fall asleep without the use of Supplements or Drugs or the Fear of any harmful side effects.



Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Insomnia is a tricky issue and Dodow sleep aid device might not be able to help everybody. We found out that 74% of its users were happy with Dodow and were able to reduce their sleep onset latency (survey conducted among 300 bad sleepers). Only works on a flat ceiling.



Features turned to Benefits of Dodow Sleep Aid Device

1) Physical Device =>

Which means that

=> You dont need to worry about ingesting dangerous toxins or chemicals that can cause problems – No Side Effects.

2) Uses Breathing technique based on Yoga & Meditation =>

Which means that

=> You are getting the same therapeutic effects from breathing exercises used in yoga & meditation.

3) Uses Cognitive Behavioural Training to retrain your brain =>

Which means that

=> You are permanently improving your sleeping health and your life.

4) Light Metronome =>

Which means that

=> Your minds focus is diverted from the busy, frustrating thoughts to one object, so it can calm and quiet down.

5) Blue Light =>

Which means that

=> Your quicker to relax because the color blue has a natural calming effect.

6) Small & Lightweight =>

Which means that

=> It’s portable – you can take it with you on all your travels.

7) Auto Shut off =>

Which means that

=> You don’t have to worry about batteries quickly dying as it has long life.

8) Dimmable =>

Which means that

=> You can adjust the light intensity based on your ceilings height or so it doesn’t disturb your partner.

9) Blue Light2 Sleep modes, 8 min & 20 min modes =>

Which means that

=> You can set Dodow to run as long as you need it to help you fall asleep.

10) Works for any condition =>

Which means that

=> You can use it if you suffer from Onset Insomnia, Maintenance Insomnia or even in noisy places or if you have a jet lag.

11) Dodow sleep platform =>

Which means that

=> You get exclusive access to articles on sleeping tips and scientific insights on how to improve your sleep health.

12) Booklet with each Dodow =>

Which means that

=> You get insights into the physiological reasons Dodow’s so effective along with additional exercises to improve sleep – and offcourse how to use Dodow.



Top 3 Direct Big Benefits Of Using Dodow Sleep Aid Device

1. Drug-Free Solution

  • Medication is by far the most popular approach to treating ongoing sleep problems. Between 2006 and 2011, nearly 38 million prescriptions were written for Ambien. However, dependency issues with medication are the cause of a major crisis in many parts of the world, making medication a risky and short-term approach.  Additionally, it merely addresses “symptoms”, rather than the root cause of the issue.
  • Dodow, on the other hand, is non-addictive sleep aid device and addresses one of the major ROOT
    causes of sleeplessness.

2. Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Most people who struggle with sleeplessness describe it the same way – they lie down to rest, but their mind keeps racing on. Some turn to meditation as a solution, often with subpar results.
  • Trying to begin a meditation practice when you’re already anxious is nearly IMPOSSIBLE (and the average length of time a person can focus on their own breath is initially only 30 seconds or so! )
  • It can often take 1-2 MONTHS before feeling the effects of a meditation practice…who has time for that?
  • Dodow lets you get the full effects of meditation from much longer time than you could achieve on your own – 8 – 20 minutes of guided breathing!

3Retrain Your Brain To Sleep

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to help with problems like sleep anxiety. However, most people lack money and the time to invest in it.
  • The Dodow sleep aid device actually does the work of retraining your mind to fall asleep faster – an inexpensive version of therapy.
  • From the brand: “…we’re not afraid to say it…in a few months, you may not even need Dodow to fall asleep anymore! How’s that for a sleep solution?!”



What's included when you Buy Dodow?




Real Dodow Testimonials & Reviews:



Here’s why Dodow Sleep Aid Device is Loved and Trusted by more than 850,000 users…



Conclusion: Dodow Sleep Aid Device : Fall Sleep Naturally 2.5x Faster

Get With The Times & Get To Better Quality Sleep FASTER – Get A Dodow!

Lack of quality sleep makes you feel tired, slow and unfocused. And when you are tired, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to keep your eyes open or worst still fall asleep in a meeting.

So a better quality sleep leads to better overall health physically & mentally. You feel more sharper, more focused and in control of life. Your skin hair, eyes & everything about your looks & feels better.


Forget sleeping pills, drugs and supplements. Their days are numbered anyway. Dodow is the 21st Century’s answer to falling asleep faster and improving the quality of your sleep. Finally, NEW TECHNOLOGY that not only improves your waking hours…but your sleeping hours too!

Now a Great Way to Fall Asleep Faster – Sleep Better – All While Retraining Your Brain To Fall Asleep Naturally on its Own!

Get The World’s Best Natural Sleeping Solution.

Claim Your 50% Discounts Here – Direct from the Official Website.

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Dodow reviews

Dodow Sleep Aid Device: Low Cost 2.5x Fast Effective Sleep Solution

Dodow Sleep Aid Device is the Low Cost 2.5x Fast Effective Sleep Solution.

The Safest Way To Get To Sleep in 8 Minutes or Less
Dodow is a combination of yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy to get into deep sleep in minutes.

Dodow is a little bedside, plug-in device. It’s a metronome-based light that is scientifically designed to block out your overactive thought patterns and rock you into a deep and blissful sleep. And quickly.

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