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Welcome to babalifehacks.com! My name is Roberrt alias BABA (Nick Named for sake of this website).

I’m from India which is the spiritual center with ton of diversity in all, hard to find any where in the world.


{I don’t want to show my bald head, so put a 10 yrs back photo …🙂}

I’m an Engineer by profession, worked hell out sometimes even on week ends. My job partially involved me to travel to US & European countries. This exposed me to different cultures, heritage and tonne of life hacks….

I always dreamt of working at my will, travel, meet new people, know about new culture, learn new things and metaphysical stuff always interested me.

I said goodbye to my 8-5 job and now a full time blogger sharing my experiences, life lessons and knowledge in this new chapter on my blog.

The life I now Live is far better from the life I used to live

I’m always looking for new exciting things to learn. It’s a never ending process and I’m a student for life.

I’m interested and have passion in:-
Temple architecture
Alternative Healing sciences like Naturopathy, Sujok, Magnet therapy, Mudra Therapy, Chakra Therapy,
Gem Stones, Yoga, Metaphysical and allied stuffs

I’m get fascinated by:
Tech hacks
Life hacks

I also have interest in:
Local & World Politics
Trending topics in the world
Music and Comedy Movies

Not much into sports except CRICKET….

I regularly publish content about my experience with the intention that if this knowledge can be of use to anyone, I would be the most satisfied Soul on Earth.

If you have any specific topic that you want me to write, or comment on my writing, or just to say a simple Hi/chat then feel free to let me know through the contact page or write me baba(at)babalifehacks.com. I would be happy to research and share my knowledge.

Ask BABA Now!!

I would love to hear from you. Let’s stay connected.

Thanks for checking out my website! Live an Epic Life.

God Bless U & Urs

Roberrt Alias BABA

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